We live our life on this planet of miracles.
We must believe in ourselves with heart and truthfulness.
Knowing the planet is a love story,
the truth is hidden inside our hearts.
We need to discover clean energy,
and love the planet and nature.
Animals are a gift from the heart,
and we must take care of them
to give this planet a spiritual love.
We have to keep our beautiful planet clean
and honestly appreciate it.
To appreciate the beauty of our planet we must be open,
to truly love our planet.


Every day I wake up and wonder
“Where does this life end?
Who will ever understand?
What is the most important thing in life?
Is it love, sharing joy and to have a companion?”

I see the beauty of nature in everything
In the innocence of animals drinking pure water
The undulating sea and biting smell of salt
I feel the velvet smoothness of the beautifully colored flowers.
I’m happy to receive this gift of love that surrounds me
I ask myself a question that arises from my heart
and always hope to find in all of us true love.
Am I doing the right thing?
Am I making every moment of my life count?
Is there really a right and wrong?
Or will I know only after I make the choice.
Life has no meaning without unity.
With each experience I commit to find my truth
and share with you this poem of love
found deep within my heart
I walk among the people
and wonder where paradise went
if I do not see a smile.
For this reason, I ask you
Put a hand on your heart,
this is where you will find true love.


In this imperfect world
there is a melody
called illusion.
Nothing can make us happy,
if we cannot see
everyone as a true friend.
The melody of love is hidden inside our hearts.
It makes us feel confident,
beautiful and celebrated.
Being happy is an energy
which you can find within you.
When you understand
there is nothing that exists outside of us
that is better than what is within us


Everywhere you go
everything you do,
always remember
that you are divine
within you.
Touch your heart
to see the light
shining in the sky.
There is a place
where you go to be,
when you find
the unconditional love
within you and me
to share with everybody
who is here to say I love you.
Love is everywhere,
so be grateful
to be the part of that
living miracle that you are.
Be true to yourself
and to your heart
every single day.
Just say thank you
for being alive.